Fuck HBO!!!!

FUCK YOU HBO!!!! Lucky Louie AND Deadwood??? FUCK YOU! Ok, Lucky Louie saddened me a little, but I can live with it. No big whoop. But, how dare you take my Deadwood from me! Bastards! All of you! You’ll all smoke a turd in hell for this!

… by the way.. Did you know that the French word for owl is “hibou”? When you say “H B O”, it sounds a little like you’re saying “hibou”, don’t you think? I mean, if you take U (you?) and I out of ‘hibou’, you’re left with HBO. [ H(i)B(u)O. ]

HBO logo french owl hibou

So is it just a coincidence that when you flip the HBO logo around on it’s side it looks a little bit like some sort of a symbol for an owl? …‘once you see it’, and all that jazz.

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