Republicans: STILL Trying to Fuck Little Children.

It looks as if the Republican party is STILL having a hard time eliminating the pedophiles from within its ranks. Remember back in July, I had a blog entry entitled: “Why Do So Many Republicans Seem To Love Fucking Children So Much?” Well, it appears that they’re at it again! Check out this very charming story about a Republican Congressman from Florida; a Mr. Mark Foley, and his escapades involving cyber-sex with underage boys. As is to be expected, Rep. Foley has apparently been quite vigilant in pushing for tough laws to crack down on child predators. He was, in fact, the “Chairman of the House caucus on missing and exploited children.” for fuck’s sake! And, of course, he’s a Republican. Isn’t that the “family values” party? Isn’t that the party that’s supposed to be, shall we say, relatively “cool” toward the homosexual life style?

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding the odd penchant among republicans for fucking small kiddies, I’m sure that you could find, throughout the years, a goodly share of Democrats with similar problems. But, now I’m beginning to wonder… It does seem, does it not, that it’s always the right-wingers that get caught trying to diddle little children? I mean, sure, Dem’s have had their share of sex scandals too. But, at least they usually seem to stick to adults! I.e. Clinton fucked Lewinsky, J.F.K. fucked Marilyn Monroe, Gary Hart fucked Donna Rice, etc. — but at least when the Dems engage in shadowy sexual practices, they seem to, for the most part, stick to adult partners. Why all of this pedophilia business among the Republicans? What is the reason for it? I have got to know!

Also, I admittedly have no formal experience as a political campaign consultant, so I might be wholly unqualified to offer this advice, but I’ll offer it to the Republican party anyway — ’cause I’m just frikken’ crazy like that! Here’s my advise to you Repubs: “STOP TRYING TO FUCK LITTLE CHILDREN! STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! DO NOT TRY TO FUCK SMALL CHILDREN ANYMORE! JUST STOP!”

Of course, one must make the observation that people seem to keep voting them into office. So, perhaps I’m just fucked up? Maybe I’m just not hip anymore. Perhaps pedophilia is really where it’s at now days? Maybe it’s what the people want?

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