SURPRISE: The London Terror Plot Was YET ANOTHER Scam!

We were lied to yet again. We were fed more stories; more fiction about an evil boogie-man that waits for us in the shadows. But, guess what! The entire thing was a scam — a lie. And, Bush and Blair both knew it. They lied to us AGAIN!

Just for starters: If you’re asleep, and your eyes are held firmly “wide shut”, then I suppose the following points never struck you as being odd:

1) If this was a mind-blowingly intricate terrorist plot that would have wreaked unimaginable havoc upon the world — a terrorist action to exceed 9/11 – then why didn’t we hear anything about it until it was all over? To foil such plans, and to gather intelligence that would provide certainty of the scale of such an action would surely have taken months at least. Why were terror alerts raised, security increased and airports put into lock-down only after the entire thing was foiled? If the government knew that there was a bunch of terrorists who were engaging a plan to kill great masses of people, shouldn’t all of these security measures have gone in to play at some point BEFORE said terrorists lost their ability to carry out such attacks, and not after? The VERY first thing we heard was: “Hey! We foiled this massive plot!” Obviously, they knew all about the massive plot long before they managed to foil it. So, where were all the increased security measures then?

2) If the terrorists were planning to smuggle liquids on the planes that could be mixed in flight in order to make bombs, then why was airport security forcing people to dump any liquids they were carrying into single, large containers? Wouldn’t that create an explosions hazard? There are only two possible scenarios here: (A) This is an act of such gross incompetence and stupidity, that we might as well just give up and consider ourselves already dead at the hands of some terrorist somewhere – ’cause if these actions are indicative of the general intelligence levels of the people and organizations which are supposed to be responsible for our security, then brother, there just ain’t no hope for us. Or, (B) They knew perfectly well that there were no plans to mix liquids in order to make bombs. But, they told us that anyway. Of course, my money’s on the latter.



It can’t be done! And, Bush & Blair HAD to have known that. But, they told us that anyway. THEY LIED! AGAIN! Why? Because they think that we really need to still be very afraid of terrorists. Because, when we’re very afraid, they seem to be able to get away with a whole lot more bullshit. If people are very afraid, and someone begins asking questions about almost anything regarding the actions of their government, you then get a whole lot of terrified people saying: “Oh my God! Shhhhh! Not Now! We’re in danger! You’re going to get us all killed! Just shut-up until all of this blows over and we just might all get out of this alive!”

Anyway, back to the “mixed liquids” thing: The bombs that we are supposed to believe the terrorists (Terrorists who, as it turns out, in the course of their master-mind planning of the biggest terrorist action since 9/11, forgot to buy plane tickets?!?!?!?) were planning on using are what is known as: TATP bombs, or: “triacetone triperoxide”

Triacetone triperoxide basically consists of three parts: A hydrogen peroxide solution, acetone and sulfuric acid. The hydrogen peroxide and the acetone can be mixed together without any problems. But, it wont make a bomb. You need to add the acid in order to get a ka-boom. The problem is that in order to add the acid to the peroxide/acetone solution, you pretty much need a fully equipped chemistry lab and a whole metric-fuck-tonne of time. Even under laboratory conditions, TATP is not easy to make. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make it in the bathroom of a jetliner!

The acid has to be added to the peroxide/acetone solution VERY slowly, (over the course of hours) and must, during the entire mixing process, be constantly and thoroughly stirred. If you add the solution too quickly, or fail to stir quite consistently enough, the TATP will not form and you have NO BOMB. Along with this, during the mixing period, the solution gives off overpowering fumes that will render you unconscious long before the mixing is complete. A professional lab-quality air filtration and exchange system is absolutely required when working with such materials. What’s more: after the mixing is complete, the solution must be allowed to set in an environment maintained at below ten degrees Celsius — above 10 degrees and, again, the TATP will not form. And, the chemical reaction that takes place, which causes the formation of TATP, requires, at the bare minimum, TWENTY-FOUR HOURS!.

So, Bush and Blair would have us believe that they believed that the terrorists were perfectly ready, willing and able to attempt to pull this all off in the bathroom of a commercial airliner whilst in flight. Uh-huh… riiiiiiiiight!

Either Bush, Blair and co. think the terrorists are exceedingly stupid, or they think we’re exceedingly stupid. Or, Bush, Blair and co. are exceedingly stupid. Or, they’re lying… or, any and/or all of the above.

They knew. They HAD to know. They LIED to us… AGAIN! If they didn’t lie, then they are incompetent morons to such a degree that, for the safety and well being of all of us, they should have absolutely no business running an electric razor, much less a country. Either way — lies, or imbecilic-fuckwaditidity, THESE FUCKERS NEED TO GO! NOW!

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