Reading Suggestions for August 21st, 2006

Reading Suggestions

Five Years After 9/11, Fear Finally Strikes Out

As the election campaign quickens, genuine nightmares may well usurp the last gasps of Rovian fear-based politics. The results are in for the White House’s latest effort to exploit terrorism for political gain: the era of Americans’ fearing fear itself is over… It’s not as if the White House didn’t pull out all the stops to milk the terror plot to further its politics of fear. One self-congratulatory presidential photo op was held at the National Counterterrorism Center, a dead ringer for the set in ’24.’ But Mr. Bush’s Jack Bauer is no more persuasive than his Tom Cruise of ‘Top Gun.’ By crying wolf about terrorism way too often, usually when a distraction is needed from bad news in Iraq, he and his administration have long since become comedy fodder, and not just on The Daily Show. June’s scenario was particularly choice: as Baghdad imploded, Alberto Gonzales breathlessly unmasked a Miami terror cell plotting a ‘full ground war’ and the destruction of the Sears Tower, even though the alleged cell had no concrete plans, no contacts with terrorist networks and no equipment, including boots… (Full article)

Mutiny as passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed

British holidaymakers staged an unprecedented mutiny — refusing to allow their flight to take off until two men they feared were terrorists were forcibly removed. The extraordinary scenes happened after some of the 150 passengers on a Malaga-Manchester flight overheard two men of Asian appearance apparently talking Arabic. Passengers told cabin crew they feared for their safety and demanded police action. Some stormed off the Monarch Airlines Airbus A320 minutes before it was due to leave the Costa del Sol at 3am. Others waiting for Flight ZB 613 in the departure lounge refused to board it. (Full article)

Fade to Black: Another Terror Plot Unravels

Wow, who would have thought it? You mean there might be less than meets the eye about the Great London Bomb Plot, when George W. Bush singlehandedly foiled the imminent death of thousands of people by using his super-president powers of warrantless wiretapping? (That is how the story is being pitched by Bush minions like the cadaverous Michael Chertoff and the chubby-cheeked enabler of torture Al Gonzales, right?) But if even the CIA’s old running buddies in the Pakistan secret services can’t wring enough plausible evidence out of Rauf with their renowned methods of information extraction, could it be that the whole great googily-moogily is about to unravel? (Full article)

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