Has Anyone Ever Heard of These Terrorist Groups: “Hagana,” “Irgun” or “Lehi”?

Hagana, Irgun, Lehi, Stern gang

These three groups operated from around 1920 until the late 1950s. They were regarded throughout the western world as some of the most dangerous terrorist organizations on the planet. They involved themselves in bombings, assassinations, and martyrdom. And, they justified their terrorist attacks against innocent lives by citing their their holy book and scriptures.

It was popular in western culture, at the time, to claim that members of these groups operated without rhyme nor reason — they were simply evil zealots that just hated the west and all that it stood for. It was commonly claimed that these groups would stop at nothing in order to realize the total destruction or overthrow of western society. It was a Willey held view that nothing short of the total destruction of western and/or Christian society would appease these loathsome, foul demons. It was often said that their religion was simply one of hate that taught that their culture must dominate the world, and that their God and religion justified their terrorist methods in order to bring about such domination. It was a popular notion around the world that these organizations wanted nothing less than to rule the world and run it they way they saw fit.

At that time people of the same ethnic and religious background as these terrorists, no matter what part of the world they were living in, often came under attack and criticism – whether they had any real connections to these groups or not. It was often claimed that ALL people of such ethnicity must secretly hold to the same ideologies as these terrorists. Many, many people of the same ethnic or religious background, who claimed to be “moderates” were commonly accused of not being vocal enough in their denouncement of the actions of these groups – and as such, shared in the blame.

That’s what much of the world was saying at that time. But, what these particular terrorist organizations said they were fighting for was simply the liberation of Palestine from the illegal occupiers. They saw Palestine as their homeland by birthright. They claimed that they were being oppressed and that their rights were being violated. They claimed that they had no voice, nor political influence from which to fight. So, they would fight for what was rightfully theirs in the only way they could – with bombs and bullets.

Sound familiar? Have you heard of them?

Well, Hagana, Irgun & Lehi were Zionist Jewish terrorist groups, fighting for the eviction of British and western influence from Palestine, and for the formation of a formal Jewish state.

Interesting, huh?

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