Apologies From a Canadian Muslim Inspired by CFRA’s Lowell Green Show

I’m Sorry …

Apologies from a Canadian Muslim inspired by CFRA‘s Lowell Green show

By Samah Sabawi

Dear Mister Lowell Green
And all the others who are like you
You insist every time that I must apologize
For all the bad things some Muslims do

Why aren’t Canadian Muslims speaking out?
In your show that is a standard call
So I dedicate to you this poem, my gift
An apology I issue once and for all

I am sorry…

I’m sorry I didn’t find the cartoon funny
I must learn to laugh at my indignity
But I was taught in Canada to respect all religions
Now I’m told the opposite must be

I’m sorry …I’m sorry for the ones who are burning flags
They are oppressed people venting their frustration
But you think I must apologize for their actions
Or become the target of your condemnation

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry for troubling the American army
Bush said he came to liberate me
But when they tore down my beloved Iraq
I’m sorry if it made me unhappy

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry if I still wear a veil in Afghanistan
Despite the fact you’ve set me free
What a joke that was! Liberating me from the Taliban?
When in fact, you placed Warlords to control me

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry for what bad manners I have
I die when the Israeli army shoots me
It makes them look bad; I should kill myself
And let them have peace in my country

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry the Tsunami caused donor fatigue
Too many Muslims required assistance
Then came the earthquake in Pakistan
And United Way cautioned with persistence

I’m sorry…

I’m really sorry for the bad bird flu
It had to start in Muslim Turkey
I hope that doesn’t give Bush ideas
But in case you’re waiting for my response, I’m sorry

I am really sorry…

I’m sorry for the nut case in Iran
The guy is crazy what can I say
But even though I can’t pronounce his name
I’m sorry for his actions anyway

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry, so sorry for all those wars
But tell me this, why are they in Muslim lands?
Could it mean you come over with too many weapons?

I’m sorry, I must not think nor make demands

I must always just say I’m sorry
That is the one freedom of speech you allow me
So here is one big fat Sorry you can use
For any past, present or future calamity

PS. I hope I’m not responsible for global warming, acid rain, the extinction of certain species, Steve Madely’s hair loss, or anything else, but just in case, I’m really really sorry. Really, I mean it.

Samah Sabawi

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