A few days back IDF forces targeted and fired upon clearly marked Red Cross vehicles in the village of Qana that were transporting injured civilians to the hospital. Since then vehicles on the roads heading out of Qana have constantly come under fire by IDF forces — making the evacuation of civilians at worst near impossible; at best a deadly gamble. And now this horrendous massacre has occurred in that very same village.

Why? Is this all just a series of regrettable mistakes on the part of Israel? Is that what this is? What exactly is this all about?

“What we should do in southern Lebanon is employ huge firepower before a ground force goes in. Everyone in southern Lebanon is a terrorist and is connected to Hezbollah. Our great advantage vis-a-vis Hezbollah is our firepower, not in face-to-face combat.” — Haim Ramon, Israel Justice Minister

Oh, I see.

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