Israel, Lebanon… Let’s Try For a Little Perspective.

Lets try and get a little perspective here regarding what is going on over in Israel right now. It seems like everyone that I talk to appears to think that the current mess in Israel started because Hezbollah, a bunch of sub-human, dirty, terrorist scum, took a couple of Israeli soldiers hostage without any provocation, and for no apparent reason whatsoever other than it is just built into their genetic make-up to hate freedom and democracy and all things that are good and pure.


That’s definitely how the situation is largely portrayed in the media, but that just ain’t how it is. In order to gain a sense of perspective, it’s very important to keep some things in mind — things that aren’t often mentioned on the nightly news:

1) Yes, Hezbollah captured and imprisoned Israeli soldiers. But, at the time of capture, the Israeli soldiers were active, armed military officers located on the soil of a foreign, sovereign nation. The IDF soldiers were inside Lebanon at the time of capture. The soldiers are P.O.W.s — prisoners of WAR. This was an act of war — NOT terrorism.

2) Israel currently has over 10,000 — that’s TEN THOUSAND — Palestinians imprisoned. Many of these prisoners are women and children. They are commonly held without access to lawyers, without trial, and in inarguably, shall we say… less than adequate living conditions. Some of these prisoners have been in captivity under these circumstances for CLOSE TO THIRTY YEARS!

3) The capture of the Israeli soldiers was NOT done without provocation. Do people not remember that on June 20th, Israeli aircraft killed three Palestinian children and wounded fifteen others in a botched assassination attempt when they fired a missile at a car on the road to Gaza city? Does nobody remember just seven days before that, on June 13th, when Israeli aircraft fired missiles at a van in another assassination attempt? The missile killed nine Palestinian civilians. Or, how about the incident that occurred just four days before that on June 9th? When Israeli shelling of a beach in Beit Lahiya resulted in the deaths of 8 Palestinian civilians? I hear people in this country asking: “Does Israel not have a right to protect itself?” My answer is: “Of course it does!” But, it works both ways.

Just for illustrative purposes, lets set-up a fictional scenario. Lets say that the U.S., for some reason, decided that it was really, really angry with Canada. Perhaps Canada even gave them a really good reason to be angry with us — it doesn’t really matter. Then, lets say that the U.S. began sending F-16s over here into Canada every so often to fire missiles into civilian populations. And, some of my Canadian countrymen did really stupid things like sneak into the U.S. with twenty pounds of dynamite strapped to their waists with the intention of blowing up shopping malls or other public places. (Don’t laugh! Canadians have blown up shit in the U.S. before!) Lets even say that Canadians started doing that kind of crap first — again, it doesn’t really matter. After a while, it wouldn’t matter to me or any other Canadian who started the whole mess. I’d just hate the U.S. because they keep killing my neighbors, friends and family. And, it wouldn’t matter to most Americans who it was that started the whole mess either. They’d just hate me because people like me kept doing the same to them. After a while, the only notion that I’d be operating on would be: “They cause me to suffer. Make them suffer!” And, the only notion that most Americans would be operating on would be: “They cause me to suffer. Make them suffer!” After a while, in all of our minds, that’s all that would matter. After a while there would be no thoughts of “Are we in the right? Are we in the wrong? Who started this?” No. It would be: “I’m suffering and it’s their fault. And, I want to make them suffer for making me suffer.”

Now, during this time, lets say that one day an American F-16 flew over my neighborhood and dropped a couple of bombs into a parking lot somewhere near my house and killed a bunch of people that I know. Lets say that they even had a “good reason” to do it. Or, at least, they thought they had a good reason. They might have tracked down a fellow Canadian whom they had found out had something to do with organizing some attacks down around Washington. Do you honestly think that I would give a shit what their reasons for doing it were, or whether or not they were justified? Do you think I would give any thought to which side was right, or wrong? Well, I wouldn’t. And, I seriously doubt that you would either. All I would care about is the fact that people just like me were just killed by “THEM”, and I might be next. So, if a week or two after they killed those people in that parking lot, I happened to get a drop on a couple of armed, American military personnel in my neighborhood, you can bet your ass that they’d be captured and held. In fact, they’d be damn lucky if that was all I did to them. And, I expect fully that if the tables were turned and under such circumstances armed Canadian soldiers were discovered inside U.S. territory, exactly the same thing would happen to them.

So, is the militant arm of Hezbollah a bunch of dirty, rotten terrorists? Sure they are. They DO target innocent Israeli civilians. But, was their capture of the Israeli soldiers completely without cause or purpose and only done out of their inexplicable hatred of peace, love, democracy and little fuzzy kittens? NO! In this instance at least Hezbollah’s actions are what is known in military jargon as “fighting back.” Hezbollah’s underlying motivation is a deep hatred toward Israel BECAUSE ISRAELIS KEEPS KILLING PALESTINIANS AND CAUSING THEM TO SUFFER. And, Israel’s underlying motivation is a deep hatred toward Palestinians because PALESTINIANS KEEP KILLING ISRAELIS AND CAUSING THEM TO SUFFER!

Let me put it in more simple terms: If you come over to my house and stab my brother in the chest, I’m not going to give a damn whether or not he went over to your house yesterday and killed your sister… I’m just going to put a bullet in your head.

Taking sides in a situation like this is just stupid and myopic. Neither side is innocent. They’ve both committed multiple horrendous acts against their fellow human beings. Innocent lives have been taken needlessly on both sides, by both sides. The militants on both sides are dirty, rotten, murderers. So, to the militant factions inside Palestine I say: You keep committing acts of PURE EVIL! Stop it! And, to the militant minded of Israel I say: Your country keeps committing acts of PURE EVIL! Stop it!

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