We Gots Boids!

Two baby grackles happened to find themselves without a home after the last big thunderstorm we had. Their nest was destroyed and their parents were nowhere to be found. So, we took them in and nursed them back to health. We had them in our home for three days, in which time they grew remarkably in both strength and activity level. As soon as we were able, we transferred them to the Wild Bird Care Centre (Go there and donate money or services!) on Moodie drive. We called to check up on their progress the next day and were informed that the larger of the two was strong and in good health, while the smaller bird had suffered bruised ribs and some internal hemorrhaging, but they felt the chances for his/her recovery was very good.

When you care for a living thing, it’s amazing how quickly you can become attached to to them. By the the third day we were seriously debating as to whether or not we should care for the birds ourselves and raise them as pets. But, we did the non-selfish, intelligent thing and decided to transfer them to the centre where they will have the best chance of regaining their health and growing to a state where they can be released back into the wild to live out a normal bird life.

I did manage to grab some video of them before we transfered them to the care centre though:

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