Shit Man! My Tooth Fell Out!

Dammit! There I was enjoying the very last piece of my Baskin Robins’ Mocha Almond Fudge birthday cake, (I could eat one of those fuckers every day) when I bit down hard on something. I felt intense impact against one of my molars and heard a loud clunk ring through my head. It was my damn tooth! Son of a bitch! Now it feels like there’s a gigantic, gaping hole in my fucking jaw. What a pisser!

Well, ok, actually it wasn’t my tooth. Actually it was a very large mercury-amalgam filling. But, you see, it really was like a tooth to me. I got that filling put in when I had a root canal done on that tooth about 10 to 12 years ago. A few years back, all of the tooth around the filling rotted and fell away in little pieces, and for the last few years that filling WAS my tooth. Yes — For years I’ve had no tooth there — just a big, old filling that used to fill the middle of a tooth that had been previously drilled out. But, for the last several years, that filling, drilled into my jaw, has been a tooth for me. And, now it’s gone.

Here’s a picture of the gaping hole in my jaw:
My missing tooth

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