Steven Harper – Douchebag!

The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper - Douchebag!

Get us out of Afghanistan, Mr. Harper. It’s not our war. I don’t care what Bush and your other Straussian fuckhead neo-con buddies are telling you to do. You answer to the people of this nation, not to the government of our neighbors to the south. The people of Canada don’t want anything to do with a war in Afghanistan — IT’S NOT OUR WAR! Get us out now. 100% withdrawal of all military. Send food and aid and workers to rebuild the infrastructure, but remove the troops. Do it now!

Your attempt at censoring images of the coffins of Canadian soldiers from the Canadian public will not work. Get this right Mr. Harper: Just because the Bush crime syndicate uses such measures as a tactic doesn’t mean that it’s effective. Playing copy-cat to the U.S. psy-ops plan won’t fly up here in the cold country.

So, Harper is now acting like a neo-con; copying neo-con tactics… surprise, surprise. Don’t say I never told you so… because I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

Get us out of there Harper! Your minority government election win didn’t give you a mandate to start stepping-up Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan, and it certainly didn’t give you a mandate to begin taking measures to ensure that the Canadian people — the people who have the last voice in deciding the level of Canada’s involvement — remain securely in the dark regarding exactly what is taking place in that country.

Stephen Harper crossed eyed clown smile

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