Your Country is Already Gone.

Your country is lost. It’s time to either start fighting… or, just get used to it. The following video is NOT an isolated incident. This is happening all over North America — the U.S. AND Canada. It is accepted, regular policy now. And, it is getting worse every day, as ordinary citizens submit and remain passive.

You ARE now guilty until proven innocent. Your guilt can be determined not solely by your actions, but also by what you think, what your opinions are, by what you choose to read, by your beliefs and by your speech. Do you think that, left to fester without determined action from the public, this is likely to get any better, or worse? In our current society, if you believe in freedom and liberty for the common man, you ARE seen as a subversive.

It’s time for YOU to do something about this NOW! It’s time to stand-up and be vocal – while you still have some ability left to be vocal.

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