Georgie Binks Wins the Fascist Bitch of the Day Prize!

     What the fuck is wrong with people? Didn’t my grandparent’s generation volunteer their lives to rid the world of fascist scum? So, why then do so many now sit back, smile and nod their heads in delightful agreement when fascists start cropping up and spewing their poisonous drivel throughout the public media? I’m talking about low-life, amoral, twisted, fascist wanna-be pricks like Georgie Binks of the CBC who has recently written an article proclaiming her full support for the outright criminalization of all tobacco products. Just listen to the Nazi-esque discourse that this twisted bitch vomits out:

“Then I got angry – furious with a government that allows smoking and benefits financially off the addiction of the country’s estimated five million smokers.”

     “A government that ALLOWS smoking”??? Excuse me? Now, you listen to me, you mindless, little, mini-Mussolini want-to-be. The government doesn’t “allow” me, or anyone else to smoke. The government doesn’t “allow” me, or anyone else to do anything. I smoke because I have an inalienable right to do whatever the fuck I please, other than any activity which THE PEOPLE ALLOW the government to enforce restrictions on, on their behalf, on what THE PEOPLE wish to restrict. So, get that straight, first off.

     And, are YOU above benefiting financially from smokers? I’ll be expecting you to add a voluntary payment of $1,500.00 per year to your income tax, over and above what you legally owe. This is what the average smoker pays in tax, over and above what the average non-smoker pays per annum. So, just so you know that you’re not reaping the rewards of the unjust, discriminatory taxation practices leveled against smokers, I’ll be expecting you to add $1,500.00 to your next income tax payment. Otherwise, sit down and shut the fuck up, you hypocritical, whiny-ass bitch!

“How many people attempt to quit, but are so addicted they can’t?”

     I don’t know. Why don’t you provide the answer to that question in your article? My guess is that you have absolutely no idea.

“The only place non-smokers suffer is on the patios, where smokers are still found. And it is suffering. I hate winter, so when summer finally rolls around I don’t want to sit in the smoke-free, air-conditioned “loveliness” of restaurants. I want to be out on the patio breathing the fresh air – and occasional bus fumes – and not second-hand cigarette smoke.”

     The sadest thing is that she is completely blind to the utter transparency of her own idiocy. She can’t stand sitting outside in the open air with a few smokers, but she doesn’t mind the bus fumes… WHAT THE FUCK? Yo, Binky-bitch… are you completely fucking retarded? Bus exhaust contains practically all of the toxins found in cigarette smoke, PLUS a good deal more that’s not in tobacco smoke. On top of this, buses spew out many-thousand times more cubic feet per minute of pollutants than a whole room full of smokers. So… if you have such a great aversion to cigarette smoke, but you’re fine with bus exhaust… WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT TELL YOU, YOU MORON??? It tells you that your aversion (as with the aversions that most anti-smokers suffer) HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY SORT OF HEALTH CONCERNS. It’s all in your fucking head! You don’t like the smell, you perceive it as an annoyance, and you’re not above advocating the stripping of people’s rights and liberties in order to rid yourself of an annoyance. And, that makes you a LOW-LIFE, FASCIST, SCUM-SUCKING PIG! Understand?

“It’s just that there are millions of smokers, many of them children, whom I worry about.”

     It’s not up to you to worry about me, you fucking busy-body. I can take care of myself, thank-you very much. I worry about you and your fascist tendencies and blather poisoning the minds of Canadians, many of them children. Would you be fine with me then lobbying the government to have your writings and ideas outlawed? Of course, I wouldn’t do that… BECAUSE I’M NOT A FASCIST! In fact, I’d actually fight for your right to spew any mindless, uneducated, idiotic drivel that you want.

 Oh, and I read your article about how you enjoy starving yourself, and how much you love your bulimia. But, I’m worried about you, Georgie Binks. I’m worried about your health. So, I’ve decided to start lobbying the government to tie you down and force feed you up to a weight level that I consider to be healthy. I assume that you’d be fine with this? Or, are you indeed a fucking brainless, air-head hypocrite? Never mind… I think I already know the answer to that one.

“[Cynthia] Callard is optimistic the world can change. “It’s possible to take something that is deeply embedded socially and over a generation remove it.”

     Yes! Like civil liberty and the notion of personal freedom! Fuck you fascist!

     This “Cynthia Callard” (the executive director of Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada.) sounds like a real brain-wave as well. In the Binky article she addresses the problem of not being able to enact all-out prohibition because of the problems that always arise from such measures, such as illegal trade and what not. Her solution? Have the government buy out all of the tobacco companies and begin “phasing-out” tobacco production. Great! Just let me know when the ball gets rolling and the government has phased-out quite a bit of it. I’ll be there to start my own private tobacco company and rake in the millions! Oh… you mean the government will have to restrict new start-ups as well. THAT’S FUCKING PROHIBITION, dip-shit! Are you suffering from oxygen deprivation or something?

     What Cynthia [Du]llard is saying is: We can’t enact prohibition outright because it causes too many problems. But, if we enact it slowly, over time, the sheep will get used to us telling them what they can and can’t do. I.e. –  If we put the frogs into luke-warm water and slowly turn up the heat, the frogs will allow us to boil them. Well, guess what… newsflash Cynthia: UP YOURS, FASCIST! Try boiling me, fucker! I’ll be there to blow a big cloud of smoke into your twisted little face and stink up your cute little tooth-brush mustache!

    Fucking fascists, man! They seem to be everywhere these days. This blog entry wasn’t spurred on just by Georgie Binky-bitch’s moronic ramblings. That was just one of about a dozen articles that I read today, all parroting the exact same fascist captrap. I just happened to single out Binks to rail against for some reason. What the fuck happened to this society? Just a couple of generations ago we fought the largest war that humanity has ever waged in order to free the world form the tyranny of these sorts of thought processes and ideologies. When exactly did so many people get so fucking stupid again?

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