The Anti-Smoking Movement Absolutely DOES NOT Promote Hysteria!

     So. You STILL don’t think that the neo-puritanical, neo-fascist anti-smoking movement is creating an atmosphere of social hysteria in this society, huh? Well, how about visiting this lovely website, run by low-life fascist scum, that features videos which you can download, that portray how they think you should deal with a smoker. It seems that their preferred methodology involves beating a smoker over the head with a large wooden board, or slapping them across the face!

     Please notice that in both videos, the smokers are OUTSIDE, and no where near the wanna-be tobacco Gestapo officers who actually have to approach the smokers in order to meter out their self-righteous, violent vigilantism. But, this is all completely acceptable, right? No behavior modification, social engineering, mind-control going on here, right? I should be able to clock anyone over the head with a large wooden plank if they are engaging in a chosen, legal activity that I don’t happen to agree with, or find annoying, right? There’s absolutely nothing hysterical about these brain-washed fools that run this website, or the people that go there, laugh at the videos and fantasize about a time when such behavior might actually be legal, right? There’s nothing but humor in these videos promoting hate and hysteria, right? This isn’t a reflection of a rise in a fascist like mentality at all, is it?

   No! Of course not! Smoking outside, no-where near anyone else is “rude.” But, whacking people over the head with a wooden plank for engaging in a legal activity which someone else happens to find annoying is just funny! Zeig Heil!

UPDATE: They’re gone, and I’m still here. So, FUCK THEM!

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