Anti-Smoking – It’s a Public Health Issue, Allright!

Yeah, it’s a health issue:

“Don’t smoke! I’m concerned about my health!!!” Screamed the rabid anti-smoker, right before he answered his cell-phone, and proceeded to beam electro-magnetic radiation directly into his skull for fifteen minutes, whilst he stood on his lush, green lawn that he had just had chemically treated with ample amounts of synthetic herbicides and pesticides, talking to his friend, making plans to hop into his gas-guzzling S.U.V., that spits out 10,000 cubic feet of toxic emissions per minute, and meet him at the McDonald’s across town, next to the petro-chemical plant, where the two of them would consume Big Macs, super-sized, sugar filled, soft-drinks, and massive quantities of grease laden french fries dripping with trans-fatty-acids.

“Ok, I’ll meet you there, then!” Said the rabid anti-smoker
“But, don’t smoke! I’m concerned about my health!” he added, as he hung up the phone.

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