People That I Made Up…

Over at they have a little on-line flash program that sort of replicates a sort of fridge magnet type-of-thingy-deal. You get to create your own magnet and stick it onto a virtual fridge of sorts for all the world to see. Naturally, I felt the desire to create and post a few of my own highly cryptic fridge magnet messages. The program, however, requires you to enter a name and location for the person posting the new magnet. So, here now, are the names and locations of the entirely fictitious characters that I was forced to devise right on the spot:

  • Bobfred Jameslarry, from Winnapogohatchenville
  • Davikned Henryjim, from the prime elemental plane of overly benevolent tofu-slacks
  • Tomjim Frankenstanley, from the third realm of ultragroovey cork music
  • James Van Mcweirdopretzels, from the upper elemental portal of the sixth realm of shiney fish-turkey pizza salad.
  • Fredjohn Larryfrankenbill, from Winiapogohatchlundstrawville

…just thought you might  like to know.

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