Fear Factor is the Debbil!!!

Here’s what I hate about reality T.V. shows like Fear Factor and Survivor: They illustrate and exploit, for financial gain, a predominant weakness in people. That weakness is the readiness to prostitute themselves, and forfeit their dignity and self-respect in exchange for 22 minutes of pseudo-fame, and a chance at a relatively minuscule cash pay-off. It’s simple prostitution and nothing more. And, anyone who appears on such a show is simply a pathetic prostitute — period. If you’ve been a contestant on Fear Factor then, ultimately, you’re a sad loser with detestable spiritual qualities. The likely projected evolution of a show like fear factor, left unfettered, will eventually result in a television show where women are challenged to sleep with, and perform oral acts of sexual gratification, on the creepiest, dirtiest, most disease ridden men that the producers can round up. The only real difference between such a show and the show that is currently airing, is that the show which I have predicted would be a much, much more interesting and entertaining viewing experience.

People actually go on these shows, of their own free will, and willfully engage in acts that they find completely repulsive — like eating a live Iraqi camel spider, or drinking a glass of pureed earth worms, or sticking their head in a vat of cow-dung, or munching on a big plate of bull testicles. Why do they accept such degradations? Why do they accept such a loss of dignity? I suspect it’s because we live in a sick society that deifies celebrity.

Society tells us that the people who have been most successful in life are the pretty television stars, and movie stars, rock stars, and fashion models. So, the more spiritually and intellectually vacant among us worry that their lives will always remain devoid of affirmation.. unless, of course, they’re able to achieve some measure of such a station in life. In this fucked up society, fame — and only fame — can grant true worth and meaning to life. But, since these people realize that they have little hope of ever obtaining what we are taught is the most perfect and complete purpose of life; the most noble of all struggles: the attainment of celebrity status, they become desperate. They then grasp at anything that will bring them closer to that ideal. They jump at the opportunity to “be on the TeeeeVee.” Because, in their own twisted minds, it’s likely their only shot at ever coming close to tasting that level of success. And, in their own twisted philosophies, to not taste celebrity is to live a life without ‘real’ purpose.

They know it’s completely unrealistic to think that, one day, they themselves will have the leading role in the blockbuster hit of the summer, or be the host of their very own day-time talk show, or record a multi-platinum selling album. So, they take what they can get in a feeble attempt to bring themselves closer to that ideal. This is, of course, an entirely irrational concept, as it is a complete untruth. The fact of the matter is that MOST Hollywood actors, T.V. stars, rock stars and fashion models are among the absolute most useless and expendable consumers of food and oxygen on the planet. If you don’t believe me, then let me ask you if you’d rather have every Hollywood movie star disappear off the face of the earth tomorrow, or, would you rather have that happen to every plumber? Every rock star? Or, every simple farmer? Every fashion model? Or, every lowly mechanic? If you didn’t pick the tradesman in every one of those questions, well then, you’re just an idiot and you shouldn’t be concerning yourself with my writings anyway, as you likely wont be able to grasp most of the simple concepts expressed here.

I’m here to tell you that if you are a plumber, your worth to society is greater than that of the vast, vast majority of movie stars. If you are a mechanic, your worth to society is greater than the vast, vast majority of television actors. Of course, your worth is roughly equal to the ones among them who are actually true artists and regularly engage in an execution of their craft in a manner which causes people to think, and evaluate ourselves as people, and ask hard questions. But, trust me, there are precious few of those types of actors in Hollywood, or on television. I wont, however, even get into fashion models. Remove each and every fashion model from the planet, and the only net loss to human-kind would be a somewhat significant reduction in the relative availability of fresh whacking material.

Anyway, you might watch these shows for entertainment, and that’s fine. That’s your prerogative. I’m in no way suggesting that you shouldn’t watch, or not be allowed to watch, or that such shows should not be allowed to be shown. I’m only expressing my utter disappointment that more people don’t appear to see these shows for what they actually are: a gratuitous illustration, and indeed, celebration and exploitation of exactly what is wrong with people; what we should be expending great effort to change and rid ourselves of. I don’t know about you, but if someone said to me: I’ll put you on T.V. for 22 minutes, and give you a chance of 1 in 5 of winning $50,000.00 in exchange for you willfully engaging in any disgusting, repulsive act that I ask of you, which completely offends your own senses, so that we can all get our jollies watching you squirm for the money and subjecting yourself to such indignities, and so that we can gaze in bewilderment at what lengths you’re actually willing to go, well, they’d most assuredly be met with a great big: Fuck you, buddy! I’m sorry, but my dignity and self respect is worth more than that. My Momma didn’t raise no hoes.

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