Lowell Green is a Big Fat Idiot

How can anyone still take this numb skull seriously? On a daily basis Lowell Green displays his intellectual cowardice and a total lack of ability to think and reason. Yet, his “Lowellies” (that’s what I call his fans) still call in to agree with him and stroke his ego, no matter what manner of fallacies and idiocy-du-jour he happens to be spouting. For anyone not familiar with Lowell Green, he is Ottawa’s resident right-wing wacko, nut-job radio personality. And, a whole hell of a lot of people here absolutely love him. He does receive the odd caller who holds an opposing viewpoint, but of course, as soon as he figures out that a caller who holds an opposing viewpoint is intelligent, articulate and capable of engaging him in informed debate, it is common for him to immediately hang up on them and then usually enter into a short, yet impassioned tirade (after the caller is no longer able to respond) about how “People like that are the problem with this country!” Of course, if you happen to be a person of limited intelligence, or not very articulate, and you disagree with Lowell you can be sure that Lowell will keep you on the line until he tires of ripping you to shreds. Lowell Green adequately, if not consciously or intentionally, paints himself as an intellectual coward on a daily basis. Yet, the Lowellies keep calling in.

Today Lowell Green is screaming about a notion being tossed around in various corners of the Canadian government regarding suing U.S. gun manufacturers for all of the illegal handguns flowing across the border into Canada. Now, I happen to agree with Lowell Green on this point, in so much as I think it is a ridiculous idea, but I’m still stunned by the utter transparency of Mr. Green’s infantile logic, and all of the moronic Lowellies who call in to say “Yes Lowell! You’re absolutely right Lowell! Whatever you say Lowell! You are our god Lowell!”

Green is claiming that Canada has no business suing U.S. gun manufacturers because the problem is entirely our fault. !?!? He blames the problem on the fact that security at the Canadian border is far too lax and downright incompetent. Now, this may be true, but considering past observations of Lowell Green, the level of his idiocy and hypocrisy becomes sharply apparent.

Here are my questions for Lowell Green today: Why is it, Mr. Green, that when illegal guns are smuggled from the U.S. into Canada, it’s due to the incompetence of Canada’s border security, yet, as you have previously expressed on your show, when illegal drugs are smuggled from Canada into the U.S., it is also somehow Canada’s fault? How come, as you have also previously expressed, when terrorists enter the U.S. through Canada it isn’t due to any incompetence on the part of U.S. border security, but again, is somehow Canada’s fault? Why are we responsible for illegal items entering our country from the U.S., but the U.S. isn’t responsible for illegal items entering their country from ours?

Because, of course, this is exactly what Green has expressed in the past: The U.S. should be pissed with Canada because it’s our fault we don’t do a good enough job protecting the U.S. from drugs and terrorists entering their country from our. When that happens we’re responsible. Yet, the U.S. has no responsibility when it comes to illegal firearms entering Canada from the U.S.

Grow up a little Mr. Green, and get your tongue out of the ass of the U.S. You aren’t going to get a reach around any time soon.

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