I Told You So! You Brainless Anti-Smokers!

     Ok, for all of you tiny-minded, anti-smoking sheople out there who constantly write to me and say things like “Ooh! Ohh! Nobody cares whether you smoke or not! You’re free to make whatever choice you want with your own body! We’re just trying to stop kids from smoking, and to make sure we have clean air to breath!” For all of you anti-smoking morons who STILL think that the current neo-puritanical, quasi-fascist-like anti-smoking movement taking place in this country isn’t about any sort of social engineering project, attempting to force adults to modify their behavior and alter personal lifestyle choices, then read this from your benevolent anti-smoking, puritanical, health-gods, Health Canada:

“This segment will be the most difficult to persuade. They are die-hard smokers who are less likely to believe smoking will affect their health or to believe in the health benefits of quitting. They enjoy smoking and do not really want to give it up. They are also less likely to think they would be successful if they tried to quit. Hence, they are not very open to accessing information on quitting smoking. The price of cigarettes seems to be the only way to motivate this group to consider quitting.”


     Now, all of you brainless anti-smoking fascists who are reading this… kindly sit-the-fuck-down, and shut-the-fuck-up. Thank-you.

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