Smoking DOES NOT cause cancer! I’m getting so tired of having to explain this to the brainless anti-smokers who write to me in anger. Another person wrote to me yesterday and said: “How can you defend a product that is known to cause cancer?” I’m getting very weary of having to explain this to people over and over again.

Smoking is one of many risk factors for cancer, but it does not cause cancer. If you are one of the people that are so certain that it does, then the fact that you are so sure is a perfect illustration of just how successfully the anti-smoking propaganda machine has been in brainwashing you, and the average person.

Think about it for a second. Employ a little critical thinking and use your brain: Would you think it a reasonable statement to say that automobiles cause drunk driving? Of course not! The notion that automobiles are the cause of drunk driving is patently ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that drunk people cause drunk driving, not automobiles, right? And, if I were to suggest any different, then you would likely think that I’m some kind of imbecile. After all, the majority of automobiles on the road will never see any intoxicated person sit behind the wheel and attempt to operate the vehicle. But, every time an intoxicated person does attempt to operate a vehicle, drunk driving is the result. So, why should I not think that you were some kind of imbecile if you were to say to me: “Smoking causes cancer!”???

Think about it: If your claim is that smoking does indeed cause cancer, you also, more than likely, agree that automobiles are not the cause of drunk driving. Yet, if we were to somehow eliminate every automobile from the face of the planet tomorrow, we would also completely eliminate drunk driving. Even though this is true, it is still absurd to think that automobiles cause drunk driving. However, if we were to somehow eliminate smoking tomorrow, there would still be an awful lot of cancer in the world! So, how could you then look at me with a straight face and say that smoking causes cancer, while at the same time agreeing that automobiles are not the cause of drunk driving, AND believe, even in the slightest way, that you haven’t been brainwashed by the propaganda?

The FACT of the matter is: SMOKING DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER! Smoking may, in some cases, improve the ability of the actual cause of cancer to take hold. But, it DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. There is a huge difference there! Certain health professionals, certain people who claim to be an authority on such matters, and members of the anti-smoking crusades are fond of throwing around the phrase “smoking causes cancer” because the phrase carries more weight than saying: “Smoking is one of many risk factors associated with the onset of cancer.” And, they feel that it is much easier for the average person to digest. But in all actuality, they are either liars, or grossly misinformed.

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