Battlefield2 – A List of TK punishers!

Ok, so… I’ve gotten a new computer game, and I’ve become totally addicted to it. It’s called: “Battlefield 2” by Electronic Arts. It’s an online, “first person shooter,” modern combat simulation, and while there are some areas where I can definitely see where improvements could be made, this game is probably the best combat simulation game that I’ve played. So, if you play Battlefield 2, look for me and say hi! My user name in the game is GatorDawg1, but i jump around from server to server quite a bit. I’m always looking for squads who are into solid team play and good communication via the VOIP system is a definite plus!

Anyway, on to the point of this post: In all aspects of life whiners really, really get under my skin. I am severely irked by people who cry and cry about little annoyances. It just bothers me to no end. If you have an issue with something that is proving to be a substantial impedance to your ability to be happy, or if you see an injustice occurring, then by all means, go ahead and raise your voice! Raise hell! I’ll probably be right beside you in such circumstances. But, if something is a minor annoyance or inconvenience, that’s going to be gone in just a little while anyway, then SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DEAL WITH IT. This is life, it isn’t your birthright to be free of any and all inconveniences throughout the entire span of your time here on earth. It’s going to happen, and it’s it’s going to happen fairly often.

So, how does this relate to my new game? Well, you play this game online with up to 64 other players at any one time: Up to 32 on your team, and 32 on the other team. In this game it is possible to kill your own teammates – just like in real war, there “friendly fire” incidents can and do occur. However, as has happened in other on-line games, if you leave this unchecked, there are morons who will log into the game and just go around killing their own teammates, just to piss people off. You know those types of pathetic losers, the people who get a kick out of pissing off others. So, a system has been put in place to discourage that sort of behavior: If you believe that you were killed by a teammate intentionally, you have the ability to “punish” that teammate. If your teammate is punished too many times, they are kicked from the server they are playing on and they lose extra points for their account. (Points stay with you for as long as you own the game.)

Now, the problem is there is an abundance of whiny, punk-ass, bitch, little girls who play this game and abuse the punish feature. Just like in real war, friendly fire occurs, it’s inevitable. But, these pathetic little bitches feel the need to punish for every single accident occurs, even when it was ENTIRELY THEIR FAULT. I never punish unless the kill was clearly intentional, or something that was exceptionally stupid.. and I mean it’s gotta be really, really, really, stupid.

So, just so you know, if you’re playing BF2 on a server with GatorDawg1 and he team kills you, it was an accident. If you punish him, here’s what’s going to occur. If it was your fault that you got killed (jumping in front of moving vehicle, driving over friendly land mines etc.) then GatorDawg1 will immediately launch a kick vote against you. If the kick vote is not successfully, or if it wasn’t really your fault, but was just an accident, then if GatorDawg1 is playing Medic, you will never again be healed nor revived by him.He will leave your pathetic ass lying dead in the field, even if he is 2 feet away and there isn’t an enemy in sight. If GatorDawg1 is playing Support, you will not receive any ammo from him, no matter how many times you scream for it. And, if he sees your vehicle coming, he will make no special effort to get out of the way, and will immediately return the “punish” when you drive over him. In fact, if you ever TK GatorDawg1 for any reason again, it will result in a punish. Oh, and if you do something really stupid, you’ll probably end up here, on this page, so the whole BF2 community can know what a whiny, cry-baby, little girl you actually are.

You see, I’m going to keep a list here of all the morons that I run into playing this game. There are three categories of them:

1) Whiner – A whiner died as a result of something I did, which I probably shouldn’t have done. Perhaps it was just a bad judgment call on my part, perhaps I should have been paying more attention -whatever. I can’t get really upset at a person who punishes for this, but it’s still kind of low. We all make mistakes, there’s no real need to punish. For this action, I don’t retaliate in any way. No kick votes, I’ll steal heal, revive and provide ammo… but, depending on how shitty of a mood I’m in at the time, it might earn you a retaliation punish if you tk me at any time in the future.

2) Whiny-ass cry-babies – These are people who punish when something occurs that was obviously an accident that could have happened to anyone. Perhaps you come around a corner where I am in a hot zone and you have almost no health left, I let a single shot go before I realize you’re on my team and it kills you. If you punish for something like that, then you fall into category two and you’ve earned all of the retaliation that I’ve mentioned above, except for the kick-vote.

3) Whiny-ass, cry-baby, punk-bitch, little girls – These are people who drive over friendly mines and punish, who stand directly behind a tank that is getting fired on and punish when the tank backs up (most vehicles CAN’T SEE YOU – GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY! ), jump out in front of fast moving vehicles, etc. and then punish when they die. This action will earn you ALL of the retaliation mentioned above. I might even put a few bullets into your back from time, just to keep your health low if I’m in a particularly shitty mood.

So, with the three categories explained, my list of morons is maintained at this location:

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