Ban Cooked Food in ALL Public Places NOW!

I’d just like to bring it to people’s attention that I’m involved with a group who is fighting to ban the sale of any cooked food in public places. We would appreciate your support. Under our proposed ban only raw vegetables will be allowed to be served in public venues.

You see, when food is cooked most of the same carcinogens that are in cigarette smoke are released into the atmosphere, only at a much higher rate than burning cigarettes. This is a public health hazard and service industry workers need to be protected. Along with this, the smell of many cooked meats and foods are repulsive. Have you ever had to sit next to someone who order fish in a restaurant? The smell of cooked fish and other types of seafood makes me gag, and when I leave the restaurant, my clothes reek of fish all night. It makes me sick. Also, if someone near me in a restaurant orders cooked asparagus or brussels sprouts, I can barley eat my meal. The smell is completely disgusting to me.

The mercury levels in fish, trans-fatty acids produced in the frying of meats, etc. pose a great health risk to both the public at large and service industry workers. If you want to kill yourself by consuming these foods, go right ahead and do it in the privacy of your own home. But please don’t force me to inhale the exhaust of hot gas-ranges, or charcoal grills in restaurants if I’m trying to enjoy my meal in a public place!


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