Respect Mah Authoritahhh!

50,000 Volts of Pure, Not-to-be-questioned Authority!

This is just disgusting. It seems as though now, in certain parts of this great western society, so (allegedly) firmly devoted to individual rights, freedoms, liberty and justice, cops no longer need any real justification in order to administer physical harm to you. Apparently, at least in Florida, they can now tase you with a 50,000 volt, potentially lethal weapon if you merely make their jobs a little difficult than they feel it needs to be.

Go here for more info and the video: o/taser_video3a.html

Now, there’s no question that the woman in the video was acting like an idiot. However, when exactly were these two young, large, male cops at any time in the presence of any real physical threat from this 22 year old, probably around 110-120 pound, woman? Do we really want a society where you can be met with potentially lethal, physical violence for doing nothing more than being a jerk?

No human on this planet, not even cops, should have the right to administer physical violence on another human for any reason other than to directly avert a real physical threat to themselves or another. PERIOD. This video clearly depicts A CRIME being committed by officers of the law. Why at least one of these two low-life thugs isn’t/aren’t behind bars right now is utterly amazing to me. They are clearly guilty of aggravated assault.

Why aren’t people up in arms about this? Of course, I suspect there would be more of a public outcry if the victim of this crime had been a twenty-two year old, 115 pound, blond, white girl driving a BMW.

Who is going to police the police? Do we really want them to have this kind of power? If you make their jobs a little difficult, they can electrocute you? If you question their authority or right to act, they can electrocute you? If they’re just simply having a bad day and you give them a little attitude, they can electrocute you? Ridiculous! I say we start pushing for legislation now that would require police officers to file a report every time their tasers are drawn, and a full investigation undertaken by an independent investigative force every time their tasers are used on someone. An unjustified use should result in suspension, expulsion or criminal charges, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Oh well, I suppose it’s not as bad as when a 6-foot-2, 300 pound cop tases a 13 year old girl:

Or, when a group of 5 police officers feel that they just can’t reasonably restrain an 11 year old boy and just have to tase him:

Or, when they pepper-spray a 71 year old blind woman:

I don’t know about you, but if anyone, even a cop, ever points a taser at me, or a member of my family, and I feel that they are about to use it, I’m going to take any means necessary that happens to be at my disposal at that time to defend myself or the safety of my family member. Tasers are potentially lethal weapons and I think I would be perfectly justified in using equally potentially lethal force to protect myself — whether the law thinks so, or not.

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