First They Came For The Smokers…

Most people believe that the current crusade against tobacco use is rooted in morality and health concerns… and, most people are wrong. The current anti-tobacco mentality has little or nothing to do with issues of either morality or public health. The current anti-tobacco crusade owes its fervor to a resurgence in popularity of a fascist-like, neo-puritan ideology, and also to the spread of a philosophy of ideological materialism.

The current anti-tobacco crusade is nothing new. Russia used to whip smokers, in Turkey they were beheaded and in India they had their noses slit. Two anti-tobacco crusades, similar to today’s, took place twice within the 20th century. Both, and probably non-coincidentally, directly preceding world wars. The first, in the U.S., directly preceded World War One. The second, conducted by the Nazis, directly preceded, and was concurrent with World War Two. This very well may have been no coincidence. The root cause in both cases of each particular anti-tobacco crusade was a sharp rise in ideological materialism among the population; an ideology which creates great tension among people. The mentality which fosters a militant anti-smoking movement, is the very same mentality which gives rise to eugenics movements, discriminatory and unjust prohibition laws of all kinds, campaigns of thought control, discriminatory social engineering practices, and outright legislated behavior modification.

If you don’t think that fascist ideals are currently in resurgence, you might be surprised to find out that Canadians currently live in a country where you can go to jail if you simply ‘say’ the wrong thing or express the wrong idea in public — where media outlets are banned from broadcasting subject matter that the state doesn’t agree with. (Some Canadian radio stations have recently been forced to drop certain radio talk shows that sometimes deal with subject matter that the Canadian government has deemed unsuitable for the Canadian public. And, a French radio station has recently been silenced for making statements which the Canadian government has decreed inappropriate! ) Also, the Canadian government maintains a list of banned books and literature. If someone is found bringing these books into Canada, the material will be confiscated; actually selling these books in Canada can lead to a jail sentence for the distributor. A public demand to bring legal action against Amazon.Com was recently voiced by certain political figures in Canada, because Amazon.Com was selling and shipping to Canadian buyers literature that these fascists deemed unsuitable. It’s time to wake up! We ARE living in the beginnings of a fascist sate!

The public smoking ban in Ottawa is pure fascism, plain and simple. If you support it, you are supporting a fascist ideal. It forces the individual to discard personal freedoms in order to conform to what a minority group in a position of influence wishes to impose on the collective. This is the very foundation of fascist doctrine!

My grandparent’s generation volunteered their very lives to fight fascism and eradicate it from our planet. They did this for themselves, but they also did this selflessly for the generations to follow. And, now, when fascism once again rears its ugly head, right here in our time, in our community, many of us embrace it with open arms, and seem to feel not even the slightest pang of shame. We have an obligation to continue the fight that they so bravely began. Whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, for purely selfish reasons, you must fight fascism at every turn! You must fight against fascist anti-smoking legislation. Remember: “First they came for the smokers….” Trust me — once fascism gains a foothold, it doesn’t stop until someone stops it. If you let this go, eventually they WILL come for the particular freedom or freedoms that you enjoy.

Remember these important points:

1) Anti-smoking legislation is NOT needed in a free society. It is ONLY needed in an authoritarian society. In a free society it only serves as an economic burden, put in place to appease the whims of a few who hold positions of influence. In a free society demand always dictates supply. Therefore, if there was a demand for smoke-free establishments, there would be a supply of them. (As there indeed was in Ottawa before the anti-smoking legislation was passed) And, the supply, in terms of a ratio of smoking to non-smoking establishments would be reflected by the amount of demand for each. The smoking ban is only in place because there is currently not enough of a demand for smoke-free establishments by the public at large to appease the minority who want more of them. The will of a few, in positions of influence, is being forced on the many. (Fascism, plain and simple)

2) The anti-smoking crusade IS NOT a public health issue. Very, very, few people support anti-smoking legislation because they are actually concerned about their, or anyone else’s, health. No matter what they say. They support the legislation because they see public smoking as an annoyance, or an inconvenience. And, these fascists are perfectly willing to legally force someone else to modify their behavior and strip personal freedoms away from others in order to rid themselves of something which annoys them. If you don’t believe me, find the most militant anti-smoker you can and follow him or her around for a few days. Take note of how concerned for their own health they actually are by observing what kinds of self-destructive behavior they engage in. See how many fast-food burgers they eat, how many sodas they consume, how many miles they drive their car with blue smoke pouring out of their exhaust pipes, how long they sit in front of their T. V. being doused in electro-magnetic radiation, or talking on their cell phones, beaming radiation directly into their skulls, etc. If they are so sure that they are fighting the good fight in the name of public health, we’ll see how loudly they clap when someone comes to take their cars away, or strips them of some other freedom they enjoy in the name of public health. DO YOUR PART TO HELP STAMP OUT FASCISM IN OTTAWA! You can help by visiting: Http://DerekAudette.OttawaArts.Com/smoking.php


So, you don’t think that you are being lied to in an attempt to brainwash you into accepting this fascist doctrine? Well then, think about these points:

1) There are currently two main groups, on both sides of the smoking ban issue, involved in legal battles. The first group is comprised of various departments of the government. And, the second group is comprised of various components of the hospitality industry. The government is ‘for’ the smoking ban and is claiming that it is helping business in places where it has been enacted. The hospitality industry is claiming that it is hurting business and wants the ban repealed.

So, whom are you going to believe? We should believe the government, right? First of all, the government has NEVER been known to lie about anything. Second of all, no government of ANY country has EVER shown an interest in restricting personal freedoms in attempts to gain more control over the people. And, third of all, they are, of course, fighting the good fight, trying to rid the world of the evils of tobacco smoke.

Believe the government, right? WRONG! Think about it… WHO is it that is speaking out against the smoking ban? It’s the hospitality industry! WHY would they ever speak out against anything that wasn’t harming them? The hospitality industry is all about doing business and making money. They don’t care if people smoke or don’t smoke in their establishments; they just want what’s best for business. Just think about it for one minute. If the smoking ban actually increased business for the hospitality industry, they would be the most vociferous supporters of the ban!

The government, and other groups that support the smoking ban, want you to believe that the hospitality industry has an interest in destroying itself; that for some reason, even though repealing the smoking ban would actually harm their livelihood, they still want it repealed for reasons that the government doesn’t make clear.

So, who do you think is more likely to be lying to you in this case? The people FOR, or AGAINST the smoking ban?

2) We have to enforce a total smoking ban in all public places, because second hand smoke kills people, right? Oh yeah? Name a couple! I bet you couldn’t do it! That’s not surprising, since no other professional health organization, government office, or anti-smoking supporter queried has yet been able to supply the names of even one single person who has died from second hand smoke… even though they claim that in the U.S. alone, tens of thousands of people die from second hand smoke each year! In fact, official numbers state that over 2,000,000 people have died from second hand smoke in the U.S. in my lifetime alone. However, nobody can name any of them.

But, don’t take my word for it! Find out for yourself! Call up Health Canada, or the Heart & Lung Assoc., or any anti-smoking group and ask them to provide you with a list of names of anyone who has ever died from second hand smoke. Check here for more info. and a very interesting read:

3) So, how many people die each year from smoking? The Canadian government, right now, is saying 45,000 people every year in Canada. That is an accurate figure right? They couldn’t be trying to mislead us in any way could they? Have YOU ever seen exactly where that number comes from? Or, have it explained to you exactly how that figure is arrived at?

Wake up and think about it! Use your own brain, and think for yourself: There is not one single disease that has been etiologically linked to tobacco use of any kind. This means that every single disease that has been linked to smoking has also been linked to other causes as well, or has been known to show up in non-smokers for unknown reasons. While there is evidence that smokers might be more likely to develop certain diseases, there isn’t one single disease that ONLY smokers get and to which non-smokers are immune. Ask any health professional and they will confirm this fact.

So, if we actually use our own brains, we have to ask the question: how is it known that all of those 45,000 people, whom smoking supposedly kills every year, actually died because they smoked? How do we know that at least some of them would not have contracted the same illness that killed them if they had never smoked even a single cigarette in their entire lives? The answer, of course, is: We don’t! We have no way of telling. But, if a person dies of any disease that has ever, even remotely been linked to tobacco use, and they were also a smoker, they become a statistic. They become a check mark in the: ‘death due to smoking column.’

Now, go and find any anti-tobacco literature you can that lists the number of smoking-related deaths per year. You will see things said like: “Smoking kills 45,000 people each year in Canada.” Or, “45,000 people die every year in Canada because they smoked.” You will rarely, if ever see THE TRUTH, which would be something like: “Smoking MAY be responsible for AS MANY AS 45,000 deaths every year in Canada.”

Exposure to electro-magnetic radiation has also been linked to cancer. Your T.V. emits electro-magnetic radiation. Yet, the government has no official figures on how many people die each year form watching T.V…. why is that? If a non-smoker owns a T.V. set and dies from brain cancer, no official figure is compiled to show that that person was killed by his T.V. set. No implication is made that if he or she had never come into contact with a piece of electrical equipment, they would still be alive today. Why exactly is that?

Are you beginning to see that there are some serious and intentional attempts at coercion taking place around this issue?

3) In the U.S., smoking is supposed to kill 435,000 people every year. How do they get this number? Well, they get it from compiling statistics and studying people right? WRONG. In fact, one investigator recently was surprised to find out that nobody at the American Lung Assoc. knew how this figure had been arrived at. Also, nobody at the National Center for Health Statistics knew either. In fact, inquiries to a number of departments who are supposed to deal with this issue turned up nothing. Nobody could tell her where the figure of 435,000 deaths per year came from, or how it had been arrived at.

Finally, she got a lead that led her to the “Office of Smoking and Health” in Atlanta, GA. ( Has anyone ever heard of it? ) What she found out was shocking! It seems that the number was created by a computer that analyzes technical data that is fed into it and then the computer spits out a number. What is most shocking is that in the course of her investigation, she had learned that no official “lifestyle data on individual patients and their medical histories is ever collected.” So, how was the computer determining which deaths were smoking related? It turns out that it is ALL pure assumption! She was told that the computer is basically just fed the data of how many people died, and from what cause. The computer is not told which of those people were smokers and which weren’t, how long they had been smoking for, how heavily they had smoked, what other lifestyle choices they had engaged in which may have contributed to the various diseases; or what other environmental factors they had been exposed to. The computer is only told how many people died, and what they died of. The computer then ‘assumes’, or makes a guess at, through a complex series of mathematical calculations, exactly how many of those people actually died as a direct result of smoking.

In fact, it was confirmed to her that: “no real people, living or dead, are studied, no doctors consulted, no environmental factors considered,” In order to arrive at that figure. However, again we see literature that states things like: “Smoking kills 435,000 people in the U.S. every year.” And, even though this particular investigator concluded that: “so far [research] has only revealed that no one churning out statistics knows anything about smoking and its relationship, if any, to diseases and death.” Most of the world never seems to question the official figures.

But, don’t take my word for it, or the word of the investigator ( You can read her whole story here: ) Do your own investigation! Think for yourself! Try and find out for yourself exactly where the official numbers come from! I’m sure that you’ll arrive at the same conclusion that the investigator did:

”Are there 435,000 smoking-related deaths per year in America? Maybe. I can tell you this with absolute certainty, however: No human beings are ever studied to find out.”

But, you’re not being deliberately misled, coerced or lied to in any way! Go back to sleep! I’ll wake you when the thought police get here.

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