The Texas Hill-Billies and the Big Stone Owl!

My question is: What does this mean to you? Is it just good fun? Or, do you think it holds greater meaning? Do you think there is something more sinister going on? If you’re a religious person, does it bother you that world leaders are engaged in the worship of ancient, false gods? Even if they are only going through the motions in the spirit of good fun? What are your thoughts? I’m just curious as to how people view this.

A lot of people didn’t believe it was even happening, until a couple of reporters managed to sneak into the compound a few years back and videotape the entire thing. Ive seen the whole video. Unless you argue that the video is faked, it proves that it is happening — does happen. And, I really don’t see how anyone could seriously argue that the video was a faked. Unless the people faking it had the resources to throw a party of at least a few thousand people off in the woods somewhere, paint multiple vehicles with the Bohemian Club insignia, put on a dazzling pyrotechnics display, and build a giant, moss covered stone owl out in the woods that looks like its been standing there for about a hundred years.….bohemian-grove/…mian-grove.html

No uninvited media is allowed into the compound, which is private property. Security is very tight and members very tight-lipped about what goes on inside. I would suggest getting yourself a copy of E-mule, or some other such peer-to-peer program and doing a search for ‘dark secrets inside bohemian grove.’ I know the file was all over E-mule a couple of months back, and it probably still is. The file is about 240 megs or so in WMV format and is the entire video shot by the reporters who managed to sneak into the compound. (The video has been released into the public domain by the original producers, so getting it over pee-to-peer is not a violation of anyone’s rights, nor of any laws)

Watch the video and decide for yourself. You don’t need CNN to tell you what truth is or isn’t. Certain aspects of the event aren’t secret anymore, but certainly not because anyone involved wanted it that way. The event will be held again this year. Unless someone sneaks in again, we will not know what went on within the grove. Any media (save for members — who happen to be in the media, but are, apparently, sworn to secrecy regarding what goes on inside the grove) will again be restricted access.

The fact of the matter is that the President and other people in positions of great power are members of a club which holds an event every year that involves the performing of pagan rites and rituals and making offerings to pagan idols in exchange for favors. It may be entirely farcical, or for some, it may not, who knows? If you’re fine with that, then that is your business. I’m not telling anyone “how” he or she should react to this. I just think its at least a little foolish to be ignorant of it. Don’t you? I don’t know about you, but if my Prime-Minister was a member of a club that engaged in the ritualistic worship of and mock-sacrifice to a big stone owl, whether it be all just for jolly good fun or not… I would want to know ALL about it, and ALL about everything else that went on within that club.

I also find it both humorous and telling in a way, that when you mention this sort of thing to some people, without looking into it at all, or trying to educate themselves to the facts in any way, so as to forge an informed opinion, they often immediately reply with things like: “I suppose they meet up with aliens in UFOs and stuff while they’re there too, and chat with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster?” IMHO, it speaks volumes about conditioning, whether intentional or otherwise I’m not sure, and some people’s ability to exercise independent thought.

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