The Nick Berg Execution. The story so far.

Just to recap the story so far….

Ok, lets see… An American civilian who had been investigated in the past regarding links to known terrorists who played a hand in 9/11, and who’s father, and the name of the company that he is traveling to Iraq under, shows up on a U.S. “enemies of the state” list as an anti-war activist a few months ago, travels to Iraq to look for work. While he’s there, he’s arrested and detained by U.S. military forces. And, Even though the American Consul confirms to his family on a number of occasions that he is indeed being held by U.S. forces, the U.S. forces deny it, until such time as his father files a lawsuit against Donald Rumsfeld. Once the lawsuit has been filed, he is released from custody the next day… even though they were supposedly never holding him. The FBI claims to have visited him while he was in custody by Iraqi police, not U.S. forces, on three separate occasions. But, since Iraqi police have no authority to detain U.S. citizens in Iraq, and since the Iraqi police are only completely controlled by U.S. powers at the moment, the FBI was obviously helpless to do anything with regards to Berg’s release. (If Iraqi police do arrest someone who turns out to be American, the Iraqi police are apparently required to notify U.S. officials immediately and make arrangements to turn the prisoner over to U.S. forces as soon as possible — didn’t happen in the Berg case, apparently)

The day after Nick Berg is released, this U.S. civilian who is apparently considered an enemy of the state, and who was arrested for ‘suspicious’ activity while in Iraq and has at least some kind of past ties to known terrorists, suddenly ends up in the hands of a bunch of terrorists who we can be pretty sure are not Islamic fundamentalists and most likely have an interest in getting the world to believe they are people who they are not.

These terrorists somehow find him one day after being released from U.S custody and execute him in the same clothes he was likely wearing while being detained by U.S. forces. Then, all within the space of a couple of days, his body is found and identified, the next of kin are notified, congress is made aware of it, and a fully detailed press package is released with a video of the entire killing… which shows, among other things, Berg sitting in exactly the same type of chair used at Abu-Ghraib prison, same colour walls, same floorboards, and he is dressed in the same clothes as prisoners at Abu-Grhaib wear. The video shows a bunch of tall, some chubby, seemingly pale, Arab terrorists sporting Israeli made weapons, speaking poor Arabic, who, even though they positively identify the lead killer, wont show their faces. The video is made with two cameras, one displaying U.S. MILITARY time and is released with a transcript that has been intentionally falsified. One day after this, the CIA. is positive that they know who the person on the video is: A high-profile terrorist who apparently was dead at the time of the filming, and who Colin Powell, in front of the U.N., said wore a poorly-made, ill-fitting prosthetic leg. And, this all happens right when the people at Abu Ghraib find themselves in deep, deep, hot-water.

Yep, the official story checks out completely… nothing fishy here at all… nothing to see here people, move along. The intention behind any insinuation here is to illustrate that there is ample reason not to buy the official story without a good deal of hard questioning. I don’t know who was responsible for this. I don’t have the whole story. I wasn’t there. But, what I’m certain of is that there is definitely reason to suspect that there is a lot more to this story than what is currently evident. And, I think that until such time as the pieces are made to fit and questions are satisfactorily answered in such a way that it removes any reasonable doubt, it’s important that people don’t just roll over and eat-up what is fed to them.

Do I believe that certain members of the U.S. forces are responsible for this? No. (but that doesn’t mean that I believe that they weren’t) Do I believe that there is a possibility that they may have been? Yes. Right now, I’d say that I’m at about: 60% this is the work of Iraqi, or other, Arab resistance members acting independently of anyone on the U.S / coalition side. 40% this is a staged event perpetrated by ‘someone(s)’ in the U.S. Military and/or Intelligence community. Or, with some sort of complicity on behalf of someone in the U.S. Military and/or Intelligence community.

The intention of the above post was to show that this case isn’t anywhere near being cut-and-dry. There is good reason to at least be very suspicious, and people should be very careful about closing the book on this incident too quickly.

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