Voices From Beyond

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have recently found myself in a period of elevated spiritual interest. I am not sure why, or how this interest was initially sparked, but my thoughts, in recent months, have been pervaded by an intense thirst for knowledge regarding areas of a spiritual nature. Through my efforts in attempting to quench this thirst, which have consisted of a fair amount of research and study on my part, I have realized a strong interest in what is known as “E.V.P.”, or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

I have been aware of E.V.P. for a very long time and have always held somewhat of an interest in it. I believe that I may have first been exposed to this phenomenon when I read “Supernature”, by Lyall Watson (ISBN: 0-340-18833-2), sometime in the late eighties. However, while I have found the subject interesting, I was never really moved to explore the subject in any greater depth.

However, while recently doing research regarding various meta-physical matters, I happened upon the works of pioneers in the field of E.V.P. and I.T.C. (Instrumental Trans-communication.) Discovering the works of people such as Konstantin Raudive, George Meek, Bill O’neil and others, I have discovered a newfound fascination with the subject, and have decided to commence my own series of experiments. I have been utilizing my basement recording studio to conduc these experiments for the past two days — so far with no success in capturing E.V.P. of any kind. However, I will continue my experiments for quite some time as I have learned from my research that others working in this field, with very few exceptions, worked for many months before capturing their first imprint of E.V.P.

Of particular interest to me is the work of the so-called ‘Spiricom’ researchers. Spiricom is an electronic device which was reportedly developed in collaboration between electronics engineers both living and deceased (The spirits of the deceased, in communication with the living, working together to develop the apparatus). The device was reported to have facilitated many hours of meaningful, two-way communication with persons who at the time were both living and deceased. Unfortunatley, the ‘Spiricom’ work is beyond my means and abilities at this time. So, I have resolved to commence experimentation with simple E.V.P., utilizing micro-phonic techniques, in conjunction with pink-noise and white-noise generators. Depending on my success, I would like to move into other areas of ITC research, such as Video-ITC experiments, but for now, we will see where my current experimentation leads me.

I believe that it is important to note, that I consider myself a true skeptic. As I move into this field of research, I remain neutral to the reality of the Electronic Voice Phenomena. While I have heard many examples of inexplicable sounds being captured on magnetic tape and other forms of media, of which there can be no doubt that they are the sounds of modulated human voice, and while I have read the case studies of this phenomena, consistently and repeatedly appearing under the strictest control conditions, I remain largely skeptical as to the source of the phenomena.

The popular hypothesis is that the voices are produced by the conscious will of otherworldly, sentient beings – namely, the deceased. However, a number of things may hint at another source for this phenomena, namely that of the human sub-conscious. If we are to take, for example, the work of Konstantin Raudive – Raudive was able to consistently produce his recordings under highly controlled conditions. However, a number of idiosyncrasies appeared which would lead one to question the source of the voices appearing on Raudive’s tapes. For instance, the voices only spoke in languages which Raudive himself was able to speak and, the voices would only appear when Raudive himself was present. Although the control conditions completely ruled out the possibility that any of the recordings were made by conscious fraud on the part of Raudive, or anyone else, it is possible to surmise that the phenomena may be due to the subject somehow sub-consciously imprinting the voices on the tape.

Another piece of evidence that may speak to this is the “practice” period reported by many of the researchers. Apparently, when one begins experimentation in this field they are almost exclusively met with absolute failure to capture any EVP on tape. As they continue with their efforts, the EVP begins to appear, subtly at first – faint, distorted, almost inaudible. As the work continues over a period of months or years, the phenomena becomes more intense, the frequency at which the EVPs occur increases, the voices become stronger, louder, more easily discernable. Could this be due to the researcher, unwittingly learning how to sub-consciously imprint some form of his own thought patterns on to the tape? Could this be evidence of the researcher unknowingly fine-tuning his imprinting skills?

I am excited about this new area of research that I am undertaking, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on my progress and results. If I am successful in capturing any EVP, I will be sure to post sound files to this website. In the meantime, I encourage everyone reading to learn more about the fascinating work which has been done, and which is being done in the field of EVP and ITC. Included are some interesting links:

WorldITC.com – http://www.worlditc.org
Spiricom Report – http://www.worlditc.org/h_07_spiri_000_007.htm
Excerpts from Konstantin Raudive’s book: Breakthrough -An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead, by Konstantin Raudive Ph.D: – http://www.worlditc.org/c_03_raudive_break_first.htm

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